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With Hispanic purchasing power expected to reach over 1.5 trillion dollars, you must have a true understanding of the market and their level of acculturation because one way or another, this segment will significantly impact your company.

As we have grown our capabilities, we’ve seen a definite need to have a division that solely focuses on the fastest demographic the area (and indeed, the US) has seen: multiple generations of Latin Americans. So we founded espÑOLA. Our sole mission is to connect businesses with the ever-growing Hispanic population.

Changing generations and demographics require agencies to be more knowledgeable and have the capabilities to communicate with the ever-evolving Hispanic markets. This is no longer the future. It is today! Now we have the way to help your business grow this share of the market.

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About Us

Our Mission: Think out of the Box

ESP Productions LLC is a Hispanic agency that fosters the growth of minorities within the broadcast business.

Our mission is to serve not only the general market but to excel within the scope of the Hispanic & African American Markets. Why? Because this is the future.

Changing generations and demographics require agencies to be more knowledgeable and have the capabilities to communicate with the ever-evolving Hispanic and African-American markets. This is the future. Our mission is to serve, not only the general market, but to be keenly focused on the Hispanic and African-American markets, particularly of New Orleans.

We listen to our clients who put great trust in us in order to delivermore effective marketing and advertising campaigns. We not only provide traditional deliverables but also have the capabilities to deliver Guerilla Marketing Tactics to reach your targets at a grass roots level.

We are certified as an MBE, DBE & SLDBE Agency.

ESP Productions proudly supports Project: Inside Out - 11M, a nationwide participatory art initiative aimed at creating a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike. Learn More at insideoutproject.net.

Corporate Profile

ESP Productions LLC., is a Hispanic-owned minority agency comprised of many members with diverse talents. Our team is made up of individuals that have extensive broadcast experience in television, radio, outdoor, and digital. In addition to producing traditional media campaigns, our talents also consist of developing scripted & unscripted television programming, as well as developing content for applications to be used with mobile and other social media components.

ESP Productions is a full service company specializing in marketing, management and special events. We understand the importance of a direct consumer connection between entertainment and marketing to increase sales and brand equity - all the while enhancing your traditional marketing efforts. We place perfection first. Our sights are focused on your objectives as we create, develop and implement programs and technologies that will ensure your success.


“I founded ESP Productions in the City of New Orleans, Louisiana because of my passion to create ‘Unique Events and Media Campaigns”

-Max Ferrera

Founded in 2000 by well-known ad executive Max Ferrera, our firm’s development and growth began as a special event production company and quickly grew into a full service marketing and adverting agency. In just a few years the company grew dramatically in scope of its deliverables. Originally, our strengths were in the production of special events however, because of the diversity of talent we offered, our clients began to request more comprehensive media campaigns that accompanied the skill sets of the ESP team.

In our fourteen-year history, ESP Productions has successfully created and/or managed, marketed and produced the following properties:

(*ESP was involved in the marketing and sponsorship of the event.)

Capability Statement

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As one of the founders of ESP Producrtions, Max Ferrera serves as marketing consultant for the agency's clients.  Max has over 20 years of experience in the New Orleans market through print, radio, television, and outdoor advertising. He studied Spanish literature from Tulane University and received a fellowship at the Institute of Politics from Loyola University.  He began his career in 1980 at The Times Picayune - States Item.  His career then moved to television, where he worked for the next ten years at the local network affiliates including the venerable ratings powerhouse of WWL-TV.

Max then moved to sales for Metroscan Traffic and Marco Outdoor Advertising Company.  Through his breadth of experience, Max became involved in grassroots marketing, production and special events.  Beginning in 1992, Max Ferrera worked as Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Rehage Entertainment.  He was a partner in the development and creation of special events such as Planet Hoops, Planet Spike, In the Zone and The Voodoo Music Experience. 

In 1999, he launched ESP Productions. ESP Productions created the following special events: Fox Field, The International Serve It Up Volleyball Tournament, The Post-Bacchus Music Bash, Amtrak's Iron Run, and UWF Extreme Wrestling.

Currently, ESP Productions is working with Bruno & Bruno Law Firm, Stone Creek Club & Spa, The NFL Host Committee for SuperBowl New Orleans, and Blanchard & Company.